Two Streams of Purity

6947186480_580cc67f62_mLast week I did a guided home retreat. I started with an “examination of consciousness.” This is a short contemplation and writing meditation wherein I set goals for my retreat and consider my life contexts and what I’d like to dial back or emphasize with my practice efforts. One of my goals was to increase self-esteem, to engage more with the dignity and humility of a “Divine” essence. The next morning, I kept my normal routine, because it fit well with retreat. One of those things was Yin Yoga with Sansea Sparling at Otter Creek Yoga in Middlebury. She is a splendid teacher. If you ever get a chance to take a yoga class with her, jump on it! That day, as part of her guidance for practice, she had us consider the shapes of our bones, its yang energy, its support, its cathedral-like inner shapes, so often like ornate Moroccan doorways and windows. She wanted us ourselves beautiful, to think of even our bones as holy and to breathe into that beauty. I got home feeling light and sweet. I picked up the threads of my retreat instructions and came to a place in the instructions when I was to focus on “the purity of God,” and I was to imagine that the light of God “washes my bones clean.”

Synchronicity is a beautiful thing. I felt as if the Universe was sending two beautiful streams of purity to touch me—  one coming through Sansea and the other through Jeanne Haskell, my retreat guide.

Sometimes, the Universe responds quickly and takes more than one avenue, so the message really sinks in. I had such a beautiful experience with my retreat and my yoga class, that I have continued to meditate on these concepts post retreat. It’s a good thing.

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