I Shall Miss the Warm


I shall miss the warm sips of sunshine touching my days
it brings traffic noise and kids taunting each other and trucks
Let’s not forget the trucks that rumble and roar past
overshadowing all the birds and crickets I’d hear otherwise
How much more pleasant that is than the mere breezes whispering
in the branches playing lacy games with me

I shall miss the sounds of quiet that I didn’t get this year, but
I treasure those moments of auditory bliss I did get
Thank you to Lake Carmi oh blue dreams meeting the bluest sky
Might you invite me back for another drink of beauty?
I am the visitor of grace when the sounds of life around me
do not compete with the cacophony of engines speeding past my door

I shall miss not the trucks ringing in my ears when the snow blankets
the green, green world in that white restful stuff
I will embrace the cool, blissful muffler that saves my ears each day
Winter’s numbered and we thank god now, but someday
we will think over how we did not appreciate it at all
Well some of us will at least. I? I shall mourn it.

A drab green world will not be made pristine and we’ll have bugs
of all kinds plaguing the world and we’ll only then remember and think
I’d give anything for the eye’s bliss of winter’s white world
and the refreshment it brings that fights the flu
Well think then that we have no need to think of what EEE means
We would believe then how cool the earth is when its cool
Even though we naturally love those warm summer days.

© 2014

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