8674628237_71472c073b_mFor many years, I functioned with the idea that my heart needed a great deal of protection and so I erected barriers around me emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes even physically.

Somehow, I learned that it is more useful to make an intimate relationship with all the life unfolding around me. The isolation I’d lived with all those years of self-protecting, began to evaporate. I felt at first that I was messy emotionally. Life began to change. I didn’t at first notice the changes. One day I simply understood life differently.

I am now aware of a pressure against my skin. It reminds me of the surface tension that is on a body of water. Light permeates it, but it is definitely separate like water in a glass.Oxygen composes its nature. The glass composes its shape. Each accompanies the other  through time. Light permeates it. Those molecules of water are all together, both a nourishment and being nourished simultaneously all the time, comfortably contained and containing.

Thus the heart naturally experiencing life…

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