Soul Songs

I sat watching the sunrise this morning. I sat listening to my mind chatter. It chattered on about things I want to do today. It thought about the fire trucks coming out to take care of a fire last night, about green leaves and about the colors of the sky.I listened to the traffic and the sense of people’s consciousness brushing mine as they drive by and wake up for the day. Then the sun peeked over the mountainous horizon and I felt a huge smile envelop me. As the light was caressing my face I felt a line from an old song take possession of me…

The activity of unconstructed meditation; to just be with myself and the world around me each morning as the sun rises, is something that makes me very happy. That contentment washes me in some intangible music most days. I can remember making me smile as a girl.

It’s a very good day to be alive.

Reposted from my former blog Wundering (April 30 2012)

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