I’ve Seen The Life Flower In Me

From out of the elemental flow8734395083_3d1baa9c29_m
Raphael’s apprentice, she is reaching her
Healing touch in this golden bough
Touching my heart through soothing this soul
Touching this earth and me, releasing that in
Alleshannee’s dance into me into you, a singing stone

Golden flow on this current’s breeze
Revealing sweetness of her own in the
Autumn scent in the trees
Its such a revelation of sensuality these
silken strands bathed so golden bright
As an arrow sideways and gently counting coup

Lain to earth in this morning light
Sensuality so naturally its like breathing
It bids other expression beyond the sensual and so
Under me she is sating, bating like a bird in need
Seed of body she’s releasing
Breathing through, impregnating
Soothing her soul and so sedating
Its a flower in these hands that tickles all the life in me.

2007, 2014

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