421018268_e09718da7e_m[1]There is more than one time of day that’s special for me. It has to do with the shade of lavender. There is a moment at dawn and at dusk when the world is hushed. The liminal moments between light and dark. A time when the birds are silent. When the sun is well below the horizon. The light is lavender. Sometimes it is nearly black. Yet even then, you cannot say it isn’t lavender. The light is soft then. It is almost plush. It is a gentleness to wake up to.

Lavender has a scent depending on the time of the day. At dawn it smells like a fresh spring bubbling from beneath the earth. The night-time has washed the air clean. Have you ever smelled a spring bubbling up? Ancient water…it smells fine and clean doesn’t it? At dusk it smells of heat…even in winter. It is more faint then, but heat does have a scent. It is subtle unless something specific heated in the sun is nearby, like asphalt or sand or a swamp. But heat does have a scent. It is metallic as if the moisture has gone out of it leaving behind only those minerals that were in the air…Perhaps its hot oxygen. I don’t know…I just know it’s there. And that light I speak of…it is soft. It feels dreamy. It makes me feel like I want to curl up and listen deep.

At special times in my life, I make sure that I watch both sunrise and sunset. The Lavender is important. It is like a nectar of life that both softens and girds me for what’s next.

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