Without Revision

Do we always meet life at our best? Must we?images (8)
There’s a blessing in the renewal of seasons and time passing.
Tiredness weighs my limbs but light is in the essence of ME.
Some moments, I wonder, what am I doing? Where am I going? What will I become?
Other moments I am so sure, I feel like a train on its tracks with power tugging before, inside and also behind.
I feel a power outside me that’s not only my own.
I’m a part of it, but it’s also of you and you and you…

Isn’t it wonderful when moments come and you feel the power of the Universe loving you and cheering you on?
Isn’t it sweet when that cheering is in the faces of those around you also?
That we should all know such grace is an important thing to achieve in this life.
That it’s always there is what we should each learn.
Is it okay to weary sometimes and to be weak?
I think it is. It’s called being human.
Is it okay to mistake and to even rage now and again?
It’s human, that’s sure…but to amend is noble and it’s sure to mend one’s own heart, not just Another’s.
I think some days that love radiates in me, to me, through me
And also to and from you and you and you.

Seeing grace without revision is what’s crucial to my joy each moment.
Because we cannot revise life we have to keep moving forward.
But in that there’s revision of a sort.
We can each keep choosing to amend what didn’t work well before and again and again and again.

Soon or late, there’s that grace shining with no need for revision and it’s inside us…
Beckoning always beckoning.
“What now? What now? Are you ready?
It calls to me and to you.
Can you be ready? Can you? Can I?
I am ready…
Are you and you and you?

What does it mean to be ready I think?
I don’t really know, but I get up, I write and I write and I write.
I don’t have any idea what I will make, but this art is an essence really.
It traces time that’s inside me.
It’s my landscape, my drape and my canopy of lace against blue.
What might grow from each seed?
This I want to know and know and know.

This poem presented with no revision is my grace.

© 2013 Yvonne Raphael

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